måndag, december 05, 2011

Skördemåndag - Harvest Monday 5 december

Daphne på Dahpne´s Dandelions har skördemåndag idag! Kolla gärna in alla härliga bidrag där!
Idag har det inte varit mycket tid till skörd, men det jag hann kassera ett par plantor som fått för mycket löss och/eller svampsjukdomar. Sådana sparar jag inte för övervintring! Det här är sista veckan jag har underhållsvärme på nattetid i växthuset!
Capsicum chinense '7 Pot Yellow'
Det här blev i år en stor, härlig planta med fantastiska, lite knottriga frukter (som de flesta starka sorter). Frukterna är extremt heta och mognar från grönt till gult. Namnet 7 Pot kommer från styrkan – en frukt sägs enligt sägnerna från Karibien vara nog för att tillaga 7 riktigt heta grytor chili! Och det kan nog stämma, enligt min erfarenhet! Det finns inga exakt fastställda och vederhäftiga scovillegrader för just den här sorten än, men det är en av de starkaste som finns! Så nu är åtminstone alla mina 7 Pot Yellow inne och skördade! Jag har lite att skörda av 7 Pot  Red kvar. Jag ska fundera lite över användandet, men till de här riktigt starka sorterna föredrar jag oftast att torka och använda vid behov, så troligtvis blir det svamptorken imorgon...

Så här vacker var en blomma innan fruktsättningen i somras! Alla Capsicum chinense-sorter sätter frukt sent och det lönar sig att förodla riktigt tidigt eller övervintra för ännu bättre fruktsättning nästa år!
Ha det bra! :) Mia
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7 kommentarer:

Mac sa...

Wow, you're still harvesting peppers this time of year! I enjoy growing peppers as well, they don't take up much space or require constant attention.

Mary Hysong sa...

I'll bet you are getting pretty cold over there now. Personally I'm not fond of the extremely hot chilies. I like the milder ones with a little heat or some pickled jalapeno.

kitsapFG sa...

I have skipped growing hot peppers for several years now because growing any peppers is difficult in my growing climate - let alone hot ones. Your little hot peppers are making me wish I had found room for at least one hot variety in 2011.

wilderness sa...

OK I will try again. At first I couldn't read your post as the translator wasn't working but now wow those peppers sound hot. I am allergic to the oil in hot peppers and can't breath if around where they are being cut so I don't grow them. Nice crop however. Yes it is a pretty flower.

Do you continue to heat your greenhouse all winter?

Mias Trädgård sa...

@ Mac - thanks! Yes, I´m still harvesting in the greenhouse, but it is soon to be shut for the winter! And, Yes they don´t takeup that much space, so they are a nice crop to have lets say like in pots between rows, in a sunny space, if we are talking outside crops here in Scandinavia and the north of US? :) Mia

@ Mary - Yes, You are so right! We got a little hint of snow last night, wich is really late in the season for the Stockholm-area in Sweden! You are in good company! I think that most people don´t like the extremely hot ones, if they are not trained to eat them! I am, though! :) But I always have a lot of milder sorts, like Jalapeños for guests and my kids and husband! And of course I like them as well! :)

@ kitsapFG - I really understand that Your growing-conditions is severe! Well - can´t You make room for a sort or 2 for 2012? :) Mia

@ wilderness - thanks for putting up with my translator! Please send me an e-mail or just post that it isn´t working and I know then to translate! I will alwways make comments here if You are kind enough to make a comment! Yes ,I do have the new greenhouse on slightly still... My husband isn´t so glad at that and I´m taking more sorts in every day, but I still have some quite large plants out there, that I don´t want to get inside, due to aphids and so (I always put them in the shower for a week before they can come in to my other plants 'for real'), but I have some that is still ripening on the plant, and that is always the best, I think, but this is really the last week! Wow - You are actually allergic to the Capsaicin itself? I have never heard about that! It must be awful! At least it would be almost devostating for me, as the chairman of the Swedish Chili-pepper Association, I wouldn´t really know what to do, I think! But there is still really good milder varieties - can You coop with them? And - Yes they do have pretty Flowers ,don´t they? :) Mia

Have a really good week all of You! :) Mia

wilderness sa...

It would cost me a fortune to have a greenhouse going. I know I used to own commercial ones and the main reason we closed down was the cost of heat.

No can't be around any pepper other than a sweet pepper being cut. Throat swells shut. Not even hungarian wax or jalapenos. I have to blanch them first in boiling water.

It may have been me with the translator but at first there were no choices then after I posted my comment about it the choices were available.

Mias Trädgård sa...

Thanks for Your input, wilderness! I will be sure to close the greenhouse today or tomorrow, promise! :) This night we had some snow that seems to be stuck, so even if we just have a few nights below -0 degerees Celsius yet, it feels like it will be colder from now on, though! The greenhouse is just heated when necessary, since I use a thermo switch and the greenhouse is built with insulated corrugated plastic, so it hasn´t been that bad... :)
Your allergy must be really different, and I feel hugely for You! Please let me know again if the translator is giving You a hard time! Have a nice week! :) Mia